Michael Kennedy, the Freeds Image Profile

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April 5, 2016
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August 11, 2016
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Michael Kennedy, the Freeds Image Profile

The Freeds Image Profile
Michael Kennedy
Ingenuity Counsel

By Jesse Ziter

Click here for Freeds Image Magazine, Spring/Summer 2016, Profile on page 41

Don’t tell Matty Moroun: Michael Kennedy’s Ingenuity Counsel is helping hundreds of Canadians build a legal bridge to the United States.

While Windsor plays a major role in the world’s largest international trade partnership, the United States’ unique legal and taxation systems can create impediments for local companies looking to do business on both sides of the border.

Kennedy is a licensed attorney in Michigan and California and a Foreign Legal Consultant in Ontario under the Law Society of Upper Canada. He is also admitted to the United States Tax Court.

After over a decade as a practicing attorney on the other side of the border, Kennedy returned to his native Essex County to discover that an important market had been left unaddressed. “We discovered that Canadians had few places to seek United States legal counsel close to home,” explains Kennedy. “Detroit law firms can be costly and inconvenient, and many American lawyers understandably don’t appreciate the cross-border tax and legal aspects of being Canadian.”

Today, Ingenuity Counsel is a specialized firm that assists private citizens and companies of all sizes who own property, maintain financial accounts, conduct business, or hold assets in the United States. Kennedy walks clients calmly through processes like setting up an international business or acquiring, financing, and selling vacation properties or handling probate proceedings in places like Florida and Michigan. “Because I’m always dealing with complex issues across two separate countries,” he relates, “every client that comes in the door is unique.” Need a U.S. will or power of attorney? Kennedy can do those too.

Outside of the office, Kennedy spends most of his time as a hands-on, dedicated dad to his young son. In both his personal and professional lives, he takes every opportunity available to advocate for local businesses as he travels to every last corner of the city and county.

Contact Information:
13831 Riverside Drive East, Tecumseh, Ontario
(519) 252-3888




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