Special attention is required in planning for the transition north of the border. Once the move is made further expertise is required to ensure U.S. citizens living in Canada maintain cooperation with the widespread reach of the IRS. The United States is unique in that it taxes its citizens on their worldwide income no matter where they live. This means that even after a successful transition to Canada, the U.S. citizen must still file a US non-resident tax return and maintain other, often complicated, filing requirements.

In addition, it is important to understand how your move will impact your estate plan, your tax situation and your financial asset.  Will your financial advisor be able to continue to advise you as a non-resident?  Will your existing U.S. power of attorney be effective?  What are your new tax compliance requirements? Do you have a revocable trust in place.  We can help answer these questions.          

Let Michael and his network of cross-border specialists make sure you maintain out of state compliance with the IRS.

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