We advise companies in the formation and financing of new ventures in a variety of industries, both U.S. based and in the context of cross-border transactions and structures. Canadian banks regularly call upon us to assist in the financing arrangement of a U.S. company, whether as the borrower or guarantor.

Canadian business often times will have a U.S. location and/or subsidiary and at the time of a new financing arrangement or a refinancing, the Canadian banks may require the securitization of those U.S. assets. We can draft and/or review the Security Agreement, Guaranty or other related financing agreements with respect to the U.S. assets and perfect the security interest on behalf of the bank by filing the necessary forms under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

Our services include:

  • Security Agreements and UCC Filings
  • Lending Documents including the Guaranty
  • Legal Opinions

Whether you’re a borrower, commercial lender or lawyer representing the bank, contact Michael and his team today at or over the phone at 519-252-3888 to inquire about securing assets located in the U.S.