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Business Expansion to the United States

Expanding your Canadian business to the United States, starting up a new business venture or acquiring real property in the United States requires analysis of a number of tax & legal issues, including the type of entity through which to conduct business. 



 Canadians are applying for United States Immigration Visas and Work Permits in record numbers. USMCA has virtually opened the door for Canadians and businesses seeking to enter the American market. Large corporations, small businesses and professionals are seizing new opportunities to work in the United States.


Cross Border Tax & Estate Planning

Ingenuity Counsel’s tax expertise rivals that of any firm, with unparalleled client service and competitive rates. We handle United States and cross-border tax planning for individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and international operations. 


Cross Border Probate & Estate Administration

We can handle your probate matters in many states either directly or through associated local counsel. In any event, you will have a local Canadian contact for your probate matter in the United States that understands the cross-border implications. 


Cross Border Financing

We advise companies in the formation and financing of new ventures in a variety of industries, both United States based and in the context of cross-border transactions and structures. Canadian banks regularly call upon us to assist in the financing arrangement of a United States company, whether as the borrower or guarantor. 


IRS Voluntary Disclosures

Americans living in Canada who have violated United States tax laws are in danger of prosecution by the United States government. However, they can effectively avoid prosecution and penalties by taking advantage of the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program or the IRS Streamlined Filing Procedures by self-reporting their tax non-compliance to the IRS before the IRS begins an investigation.

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