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Setting Up Cross Border Structures For U.S. Real Estate Investments

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On February 15, 2024, Michael Kennedy, founder and principal of Ingenuity Counsel, was the guest speaker on the LendCity Mortgages Investors Hub podcast, moderated by Paul McAllister. Michael discussed cross border structures for Canadians investing in U.S. real estate.   

Nothing said on the podcast should be  construed as legal advice. Each situation is unique and requires thorough analysis of the facts and circumstances. If you are interested in investing in U.S. real estate, Ingenuity Counsel can help you determine the proper structure, taking into account liability protection, tax consequences, lender requirements, closing process, and corporate compliance, among other things. Please do not hesitate to contact our office by phone at 519-252-3888 or by email to

In addition to setting up real estate structures, we set up structures for operating business in the manufacturing, greenhouse, food & hospitality, construction, interior design, communication, accounting, financial services, and fitness industries, among others. We also provide U.S. immigration services, such as E-2 investor, E-2 trader, and L-1A intra company transfer visas; sales & acquisitions of businesses; estate planning; probate & estate administration; and general contract and commercial advice.

About Ingenuity Counsel & Michael Kennedy

Ingenuity Counsel, based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, provides cross border tax & United States legal services to Canadians. Michael Kennedy, with 22 years of legal experience, and his team at Ingenuity Counsel, advise Canadians who are looking to invest in U.S. real estate. Mr. Kennedy is an attorney-at-law admitted in the States of California, Michigan, Florida, and Arizona. He is also authorized as a Foreign Legal Consultant by the Law Society of Ontario to provide legal services in Ontario respecting the laws of the United States. Mr. Kennedy provides legal advice only as it pertains to U.S. laws. Prior to establishing Ingenuity Counsel in 2012, he practiced law in the United States for more than 10 years in California, Michigan and Florida. Michael has a U.S. law degree (JD) from Western New England University School of Law and his Master of Laws degree (LLM) from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington DC.

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